Remembering the last perfect game in Major League Baseball

In today’s Major League era, when strikeouts are rampant, the fact that the Giants’ Matt Cain struck out fourteen batters would not make the front page of any newspaper except on the West Coast. Yet a few more details from that game from five years ago remain unmatched even today. For example, those fourteen puffs represented more than half of […]

Pigskin Pickem heats up in Sin City

Las Vegas has started to offer its usual smorgasbord of soccer contests and, as always, there are more selections to choose from than the buffet at Bellagio! The most important, of course, is the Hilton Las Vegas Supercontest, which has been around for years and proclaims its winner as the best handicapper in the world. Canadian Tony Ricci of Vancover […]

In Review – Down Under, by Bill Bryson

It is always interesting to read other people’s thoughts about the country you live in. Generally, the things that matter most to you are the things that others find least interesting. Or to put it another way, the things you take for granted; Those things that you live with every day, and that you often never think twice about unless […]

Out of the woods

Who is perfect? That’s a silly rhetorical question, because sometimes God or whatever rules the universe doesn’t even appear to be perfect in the way that this world may appear to anyone unconscious or fully aware of what is really going on. However, this is the way out of the forest of confusion: be competent in life and be genuinely […]

Is MacBook Pro Retina Display Worth Paying More For?

So Apple is new MacBook Pro 2012 Retina display Is the extra $ 500 for the high-resolution Retina display really worth it? Well it all depends on what you want to use it for! Let’s start by explaining what the Retina display is and what makes it so innovative. The term Retina Display is a marketing term given by Apple […]

How to calculate your house payment

The basic calculation for a home payment is to multiply the annual interest rate on the loan by the number of months of the mortgage. For example, 5 percent – interest rate – multiplied by $ 250,000 – mortgage amount – multiplied by 360 – 30-year mortgage – equals $ 450,000. Divide that by 360 for the monthly principal and […]