What is life-between-lives regression?

There are those who believe that before coming to this physical body, we were part of the energy and love that exists in the spiritual world. We were souls who had access to the limitless love and knowledge that is available in that realm. But finally we made the decision to return to the physical world to experience and grow. […]

Self-help, coaching or advice: which ones are right for me?

self help? Many years ago, it used to be considered a rite of passage for boys to learn how to fix their own car and girls to become experts in the kitchen. The times change! Cars are now so complicated that very few people have the skill or time to fix their own car; Many women are so busy at […]

Two reasons why you should hire a real estate attorney

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, land, apartment building, or office space, the hoops and hurdles you have to navigate can be overwhelming. For basic transactions, a licensed agent can handle the paperwork and any other issues that may arise. However, for more complex deals and even some of the largest transactions, it is definitely worth the time and […]

7 Staff Tips to Remember as COVID-19 Cases Rise

It is hard to believe that a second wave of COVID-19 cases is on the rise. This week alone, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients increased 5% in 36 states. Additionally, this week the US reported an average of nearly 70,000 new cases every day (from October 20 to October 27). This has been the highest seven-day average so far, […]

How Pay Per Click Advertising Drives Earnings and Brand Awareness

More, How PPC Helps You Reach Your Customers Pay per click advertising plays an important role in any marketing strategy. That may be a bold statement to some, especially since many small and medium business owners are intimidated by this advertising strategy. And if you’re like many people, you can’t help but wonder, “Does pay-per-click work?” You figure that if […]

What makes your business successful?

As a business owner, you probably run into all sorts of issues when it comes to how to run and manage your business. All of these issues have to do with ethics and what you know you need to do to make sure the business meets the wants and needs of your customers. However, sometimes, it is not as clear […]

Why Fabuwood cabinets are considered the best option for your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are considered one of the most prominent elements in your kitchen. Installing a beautiful cabinet or semi-cabinet enhances the beauty of your kitchen. Cabinets are the first and foremost thing a person notices when he walks into a kitchen. Therefore, a wardrobe can be quite difficult to choose for one and all. A suitable cabinet will match the […]

3 advantages of an 18650 battery

Today an 18650 battery is used in a variety of electronic devices such as DSL cameras. What makes these drives so popular are three main features: long lifespan, high power density, and low cost. In these three areas, these units offer the best performance. The description of these three advantages of these units is presented below. Keep reading to know […]

Recruitment Marketing Matters: Employees Are Like Customers

Today’s tech-savvy age requires organizations to keep up with the fast pace of time. Talent acquisition has also become a competitive field. Gone are the days when candidates lined up to look for work. Being self-employed is a growing trend and people are thinking very carefully before applying for a job. Therefore, to attract and find candidates for the job, […]

Interview with police and Latina poet Sarah Cortez

Sarah Cortez, a proud Bostonian, is a police officer, poet, short story writer, and editor of the award-winning nonfiction Windows Into My World, a collection of short memoirs written by young authors. She is also the editor of the anthology Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery. She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to […]