Law of Attraction – Defensive Measures Against Psychic Attacks

If you seem to be desperately struggling to achieve the things you want while consciously using the law of attraction, you may very well be dealing with a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are more real and more common than most people realize. The use of protection techniques will radically improve your attractiveness. Using psychic protection techniques, you will be brought […]

Chicks or guineas?

Have you ever thought about having chickens? I guess it’s a strange question, but for people who live in the country, it’s not that unusual. After all, chickens provide eggs for breakfast, little chicks that become chickens, and later in life, they can provide Sunday dinner! Sort of a multipurpose product, if you see what I mean. The only problem […]

the magic house

Every time my husband and I visit our daughter and her family, we walk to the shopping area that is less than a mile away. On the way we passed three semi-detached houses that have a street on both sides. The houses at both ends are in beautiful shape; fresh paint jobs, solid ceilings, manicured patios and attractive entrances. The […]

Treatment of depression and anxiety without medication: part one

Despite the recent arrival of Prozac and other designer drugs, depression is on the rise. Since World War II, depression rates have doubled in the US, and depression is now the second most disabling illness in the Western world after heart disease. While antidepressants remain the mainstay for treating depression, 55-65% of people don’t get enough help or can’t stand […]

The rise of the mobile market leads to a growing demand for mobile testing services

The world of mobility is characterized by a plethora of terminals with so many diversions in screen resolution, operating systems, memory, and languages. The fact that there are around 400 mobile operators worldwide adds to this challenge: matching the compliance requirements of each operator. The complexity of integrating a mobile application with a backend system and validating them is key […]

How to create an employee handbook

Large corporations use employee handbooks both to educate employees about policies and to protect themselves legally. Whether or not you need an employee handbook is up to you, though it can be a great tool for keeping your policies consistent. Make sure to have an attorney review your employee handbook to make sure it complies with local and federal laws. […]

Design guide: creating the perfect home office

Working from home is on the rise. Census. The government claims that over the last decade, the number of Americans working from home at least one day a week has increased by a staggering 35% (that’s 4.2 million Americans!) in the last decade. The importance of having a well-planned, well-designed and well-organized home office space cannot be underestimated. Having a […]

Spiritual Awakening: The Convergence of Physics, Psychology, and Metaphysics

convergence Science is a belief system. is a highly successful one, but a belief system nonetheless. However, the direction of physics, psychology, and metaphysics seems to be converging on an understanding of what is variously described in these disparate disciplines as a unified field, the collective consciousness (or collective unconscious), the Unity, the Totality, the Ground of Being, the Absolute […]

for reference only

A popular theme these days in the business world is to say that you are a “referral only” business or that you focus on “word of mouth” marketing. Now what does reference only really mean? There are a few different schools of thought. Some believe that it is a status in business to achieve. It provides a feeling of exclusivity […]

Quick and easy to pack school snacks for your kids:

Children who participate in the entire process of planning, shopping (if any), and preparing their lunch boxes to develop the ability to choose and enjoy healthy foods. Little Ms.K and I usually plan our week together. This academic year, we decided to plan the lunchbox menu as well. So, these are some of the easy to pack school snacks for […]