From Ashiatsu to Chavutti Thirumal: Modalities and resources of barefoot massage

Using the foot as a massage instrument is more common than one might think. As you do more research on barefoot techniques, you will find that there are many different modalities, with a long history, that are still practiced today. Here are some great resources if you want to learn more about barefoot bodywork. Barefoot Ashiatsu Massage: This course is […]

The Best Piano Transcriptions Software

Best Piano Transcriptions Software If you’re looking to save time transcribing music, there are many different options available. These programs offer everything from note entry to automatic music formatting. Some also offer additional features such as MIDI export and musicXML export. There are free and paid versions, and some are suitable for professional musicians. The best music transcription software […]

Use Natural Remedies to Teach Those Pests to ‘Lice’ Through Natural Lice Treatment

Head lice are an infestation that almost every household has had to deal with, at least once in their life. Just talking about lice has us wanting to scratch our heads because of that phantom itch. And if our kids come home from school with a ‘confirmed lice’ letter from the school nurse, we feel like screaming the house. Lice […]

My husband acts like a brother to me: how can I bring back his intimacy and passion? Information to help

I get a lot of mail from wives who describe their relationship with their husband as “roommates” or “siblings.” They will usually use phrases like: “we just coexist but there is no more loving behavior.” Another common phrase is something like: “He doesn’t look at me like a man who loves a woman. He looks right through me and acts […]

unsanitary houses

Most people these days have heard of unsanitary house syndrome. You may not know it by that name, but you have heard of the problems some houses have, making them unsanitary for their occupants. Many new houses are treated for termites and other nasties as they are built, and the poison residue is enough to make the occupants sick. The […]

Search and Destroy: The Battle for Search Engine Supremacy Between Microsoft and Google

At first there were WebCrawler, AltaVista, Excite, Lycos and many others. As the algorithms that run them became more complex and technology evolved, a Darwin-style process began to kill those who failed to adapt to an ever-changing virtual climate. And then there were two. Microsoft knows this position very well. They are in a constant stalemate with Sony to see […]

The Little Palm Family Theater – A major cultural attraction in Boca Raton, Florida

Until the 1920s, Boca Raton in southeast Florida was a sleepy, unknown town; but over the years, it has steadily emerged as so much more. And while its size is still tiny compared to cities like Miami and Tampa, it stands as a hub for events and cultural events in the state. Individuals, groups, and families flock to Boca Raton […]

Finding and motivating your target audience: niche marketing at its finest

As an entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges is choosing where to put your advertising and marketing dollars Who/what/where is my market? how do I arrive them? What do I tell them to excite them? wrong answers it may cost you a lot of useless expense and time as you learn this critical field. Many companies have gone bankrupt for […]

Local search can make your business more “googable”

One of the challenges local small business websites face is finding themselves among the myriad of competitors both locally and nationally when visitors search for them using search engines. Local search may be the answer to the small business problem. If you haven’t noticed, “Google Local” lists three businesses BEFORE the number one organic listing when surfers search for a […]

Black and white mosaic tile – why is it so easy to use?

Black and white mosaic allows you to redecorate your home using the same techniques and style used by the Greeks and Romans. These natural stones allow you to bring nature into your home, giving any interior or exterior surface the luxurious look you’ve always wanted. The following review will show you how you can easily remodel any setting using one […]