How to find and work the G-spot

Most men probably now know that women can have several different types of orgasms! Experienced men will know that the most satisfying orgasm a woman can have is achieved through the G-spot. Don’t let people tell you otherwise, the G-spot exists and I’ll tell you how to make your woman the happiest out of it. planet showing you how to […]

Sex positions: there is more than one you know

Her 5 times a week gymnastics ritual in the bedroom has been reduced to once a month with the lights off. Where did everything go wrong? It can be fixed? All relationships need a little injection of spice to keep the fire going. Our suggestions for sexual positions are much more modern than the Kama Sutra and you can be […]

Are workaholics good husbands?

Workaholic husbands often find to their dismay that they end up without a family. Almost 50% of divorces are initiated by women whose husbands are too busy at work and cannot find time for their wife and children. Wives are becoming more assertive in expressing their needs and expectations. Husbands cannot simply be providers. Many women have become financially independent […]

Join an accepted bodybuilding forum for the best quality information

There are several forums on the Internet and you can join any of them to find the necessary information and the right group of friends. This is the place where you will meet people who have the same mindset and thought process as you. This is the place where you can meet people who have the necessary experience and can […]

Recommended fonts for technical documents

“As the saying goes, the guy is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.” – Mathew Carter. I agree with Carter because we don’t select one font for every letter, we select one font for all letters. Font selection is the most important part of formatting and designing your whitepaper. In my opinion, the sources show […]

5 tips for successful movie dates "Hitch"

To excel in the dating game it is important to be guided by the player and it is not much better than dating Dr. Alex Hitchens in short ‘Hitch’. So we take her word for gospel when she said that ‘Without cheating or playing there is no girl’. Here are some tips from his movie ‘Hitch’ to help you see […]

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Have you ever heard the statement why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? What the hell does a cow have to do with men anyway? Let’s explore the meaning of this statement and how it relates to your life. This statement is an analogy for relationships. Who would buy a cow if they could get […]

Men with breasts

Men with breasts. The enigma that is gynecomastia. Definition: Gynecomastia can be simply defined as excess breast tissue within the male breast. Note that the definition does not say “fatty tissue” within the male breast. Gynecomastia has nothing to do with being overweight or fat. It is an excess of breast tissue within the male breast itself. It can occur […]

Movie review – "All I need" – A sinister call to blood

“All I Need” is a frustrating movie to watch, mainly because the intriguing premise is not fully developed. It could be so much better. When Chloe (Caitlin Stasey – “Neighbors”) wakes up in the hotel room bound and gagged, she wonders how she got into this situation. Then he sees that there are other young girls equally bound and gagged […]

The history of urban clothing

Streetwear began to appear in the early 1980s to reflect the hip-hop culture that was emerging at the time. Similar to music itself, fashions and clothing have changed, matured, and evolved over the years to become what we know is used around the world. As has always been the case, many fashion trends follow the clothing and looks of those […]