Nursing CEUs For Nurses – Diabetes

Nursing CEUs For Nurses The nursing care plan for diabetes has been revised with new content and formatting. The main goals for the plan include achieving normal blood glucose levels, preventing the development of complications, enhancing patient health and managing the long-term consequences. Nurses should tailor the patient education program to the needs of the individual patient, stressing the importance […]

Taste Restaurant and Wine Bar in Plymouth England

Restaurant and Wine Bar in Plymouth If you are in Plymouth and want to try something new, consider trying Taste Restaurant and Wine Bar. The New England fare here is upscale and seasonal, and it is served in a warm, sophisticated restaurant. If you want to taste some fine wine with your meal, you can try the small plates and […]

Movie Review – “Imagine a School-Summerhill” – Innovative boarding school faces government shutdown

“Imagine a School – Summerhill” is a documentary about a famous coeducational alternative boarding school that faced closure by Tony Blair’s Labor government. Directed by William Tyler Smith, this extraordinary story is about how big government and their cookie cutter mentality try to put the brakes on a remarkably successful program. Founded by educator AS Neill, Summerhill is the oldest […]

Better performance and injury prevention in any sport

In the recent 2019 NBA Finals, where the underdog Toronto Raptors won their first and only NBA Championship, there were other major headlines surrounding the 6-game series and then the wins themselves. I think no one can argue that had these cases not occurred, the outcome might have been significantly different. There were 2 career-changing, series-ending injuries that occurred in […]

PHP Beginner: Create a Random Text Generator

Overview: When creating a website, it is often necessary to display dynamic text on the page. This text will change each time the page loads. To create this solution, a database could be used. However, there is another solution, it uses PHP’s built-in rand() function and an array(). PHP-Functions PHP has hundreds of functions to make programming easier and more […]

Effective conversation starters and relationship builders for sales

Most salespeople struggle with what to talk about before their “sales pitch.” Small talk tends to be very difficult for people, especially when you’re trying to build a genuine relationship with your prospect. To build that relationship, we want to add value to that person in any way we can. We want them to have an amazing experience interacting with […]

If You Thought You Missed Out On The Internet Earnings Revolution, Give Cryptocurrencies A Try

When most people think of cryptocurrencies, they might also be thinking of cryptic currency. Very few people seem to know what it is and for some reason everyone seems to be talking about it as if they do. Hopefully, this report will demystify all aspects of cryptocurrency so that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a pretty good […]

Teacher Letters Inspire Parent-Teacher Teamwork To Improve Children’s Learning

In “Dear Parents, From Your Child’s Loving Teacher,” Dana Arias, a longtime parent, teacher, and school librarian, has written a candid book with the goal of improving communication between teachers and parents. Dana’s goal is for parents to understand where teachers are coming from in terms of what they actually do in the classroom and why, and what parents can […]

Redefining Leadership for the 21st Century

Leadership, with all its facets and complexities, is constantly being examined and defined. With the challenging organizational changes facing today’s leaders, the concept of leadership is critical to organizational health and success. Therefore, focused scrutiny of leadership concepts and themes is invaluable in discovering and nurturing the seeds of leadership in an organization. Some important themes have emerged from this […]

Those items aren’t junk, they’re antiques!

If you’ve ever watched the PBS series Antiques Roadshow, you know that some people have precious treasures hidden in plain sight. It’s amazing to see the priceless items that people have hidden in their attics, basements, and even on their walls; everything is a treasure waiting for the right person to arrive. These are some of the rarest and most […]