How to use brainstorming to solve problems

Have you heard the term “brainstorming”? Now, the word brainstorm doesn’t really mean that you have a storm in your brain. Brainstorming is a technique that was invented about seventy years ago to help people think more creatively when they needed to solve problems. Brainstorming is used in various ways by many different organizations to try to find a variety […]

TOP 10 digital marketers of 2018

SETH GODIN Seth Godin is a successful author and entrepreneur. He is the author of ten best-selling books around the world and is also a featured speaker. He was recently chosen as one of 21 speakers. Seth was the founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industry’s leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo! acquired in late 1998. Business Week called […]

How to Sell Your Writing Skills and Make Money

Experienced freelance writers make money writing dozens of articles for clients around the world. The following helpful tips for writing and selling articles will help budding writers find a firm foothold in the world of content writing. You can plan and prepare for your writing career and avoid a “trial and error” approach. The important fact to keep in mind […]

Guest blogging: where to start

Guest blogging the right way is important, because doing it wrong can cost you money. It can cost viewers the respect and love of Google. The wrong way is to post a generic post, with generic links, on generic blogs without thinking about your goals or audience. The correct way to create a guest blog is to do all of […]

Add video to your website to improve your search engine ranking

If you are running an internet marketing business, chances are you already own one or more professionally designed websites, so with the advancement of internet technology, even if you are not a young internet savvy, nor If you are a website designer or internet marketing guru, you will be able to stick with the help of ready-made templates and create […]

Free apps and software for nonprofits

According to the National Day Calendar, February is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) month. Open source software (OS) can be a fantastic resource for nonprofits that need technology, just like a for-profit company does, but often have fewer resources to pay for expensive solutions. So what is open source software? You probably already use some of the most popular […]

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

Whether you own a startup or inherit one, you can’t deny the fact that social media will now be an essential part of your marketing strategy. However, it is very easy to get wrong on social media and this can have a negative impact on your brand. Therefore, we will give you a quick rundown of the top five ways […]

5 reasons why mobile marketing is important

Mobile marketing is the new definition of internet marketing. Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives and people today feel extremely comfortable shopping online using their mobile devices. Google has recently made its mobile index first. In Google’s words, “To make our results more useful, we have started experiments to make our index mobile first. Although our […]

Web optimization can generate more website traffic

Advertising You can create the best looking site on the web, but what good is it if no one can find it? This is where advertising and promotion comes in. By promoting your site in the right channels online, you will see that it takes a bit of muscle and a lot of knowledge to get the public to know […]

Identifying difficult people by creating BaZi profiles

In last week’s article, I talked about how a person’s BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) can be used to categorize them into one of the five basic types of BaZi Profile: Wealth, Influence, Exit, Resources, and Companion. These profiles are derived using a BaZi technique called Structures. I also shared with you the various characteristics, traits and types of each […]