Path to Pelantas game review

Path to Pelantas is a unique game that reminds me a lot of sports management games. Although it is an RPG-themed video game, you can’t really go out and experience all the action yourself, as everything in this game is simulated. This is because you are in charge of managing 11 heroes. They are like your team and it is […]

7 steps of the effective strategic planning process

This TQM article provides insight into a typical strategic planning process that was used in various organizations and proved to be very practical in implementation. The key processes of this typical Strategic Planning Process are organized in 7 steps. The detail of each step is illustrated below: – Step 1: review or develop the vision and mission Able to obtain […]

3D Max VS Maya: the pros and cons of each animation software

When you have two strong competitors in the market, the question always arises as to which one is the best and what makes it the best. The same concept applies to almost any product and the world of animation software is no different. Therefore, we consider that the two main programs are 3DMax and Maya. Everything has good and bad […]

The failed promise that sank the Bismarck

The captain of the submarine was in a rogue frame of mind as he put his new U-556 to the tests in the Baltic. It was winter 1941 and from his point of view it had been a good war. Convoys crossing the Atlantic were sitting targets for German submarine packages. The last command of Lieutenant Commander ‘Parsifal’ Wohlfarth was […]

Interesting games to play in 2018

While 2017 had its share of fascinating games on different platforms, 2018 is not without some great additions. There are tons of games that you can find these days and play without paying anything. MOBAs or multiplayer online battle arenas have managed to spawn a whole new genre and are some of the best games to try. But wich ones? […]

5 key areas that affect a home when it is winterized

In many parts of the nation, a homeowner must be ready and prepared for the weather conditions associated with the winter season. If you are going to enjoy what many consider the so-called American Dream, it is essential to be prepared, know and understand some of the factors, be attentive and be attentive to fully enjoy. , home ownership. When […]

Top 6 Online Games You Should Play Today

If you want to enjoy a variety of PC games, having a powerful machine is a good idea. But even if you don’t have a fast computer, you can still have a lot of fun as long as you’re connected to the internet. You do not need to install these games. All you have to do is go to the […]

The 20 best games of all time

20 – Mass Effect I never understood the appeal of Star Wars, at least not until I played Mass Effect. Complete immersion in a world, a universe that Star Wars fans feel, is what they experienced after my first two missions. 19 – Minecraft Yes, someone is trying to recreate the continent of Westeros from Game of Thrones in Minecraft. […]

Civilization VI – How will they improve on the previous version?

Civilization V was released in 2010 and became a huge success story. The franchise has sold more than 33 million units over the years, with Civilization V being the best-selling version, having sold around 8 million units sold worldwide. And the Civilization V player reviews were pretty good too. G5 gave it 5 out of 5. PC Gamer gave it […]

Super Mario Brother series review

Mario Bros. was unleashed as a by-product of Donkey Kong. Super Mario Bros. From there came one of the best-known games of all time. Right now, this game is the second best-selling video game ever. Considering it was released in 1985, it sounds remarkable. This game made the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) dominate the video game market for several years. […]