Criminal Defense Lawyers: Is It Time To Call One?

If you’ve wondered if you should work with a criminal defense attorney, the answer is without a doubt "Yes." Criminal defense attorneys have the ability to influence the outcome of a criminal examination or trial. Your criminal defense attorney will ensure that your rights are protected during the police investigation, examine the criminal justice system after the charges have been […]

Elimination of arrests

Erase / delete arrests and convictions to avoid embarrassment and disclosure If someone has been arrested or even a private criminal complaint has been signed against them in the Municipal Court, they have a criminal record, even if the charges were dismissed. According to NJSA 2C: 52-1 et seq. Previous criminal arrests and convictions can be expunged / erased in […]

Why It Is Important to Hire a Felony Defense Lawyer

Hire a Felony Defense Lawyer If you have been arrested for a felony offense, it is crucial to contact a Dallas felony defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you fight the charges and get the charges reduced or dropped completely. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer will question evidence and police procedure. The attorney will also make sure you are […]

Hiring a Dallas Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Dallas Sex Crime Defense Lawyer A sex crime conviction has severe legal repercussions, and the charges can result in a lifetime ban from public life. You can be listed on the federal sex offender registry, and your job prospects may be ruined. It may affect where you can live, as well. Whether you are charged with child molestation, sexual assault, […]

The duty of confidentiality in the real estate sector

In any Listing Agreement there is a time when the agency relationship ends. A Listing Agreement, as it is widely known, is nothing other than a contract between the rightful owner of an interest in the land (the ‘Principal’) and a duly authorized real estate company (the ‘Agent’), by which the company stipulates and agrees to find a Buyer within […]

A personal injury attorney explains how to get the most out of an initial meeting

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident or other major accident caused by someone else, it makes sense to take advantage of the free consultation offered by most personal injury attorneys. Find out what you need for an initial consultation When you call to book the appointment, find out who you will be meeting with. Will you meet […]

Define your position: values, ethics and leadership

Some call it wearing your heart on your sleeve; others call it carrying your emotions. If the discussion is about values ​​and ethics, leaders should use them openly, constantly encouraging, mentoring, and training others to operate within the values-based and ethical standards expressed by the leader. Values ​​and ethics exist in the philosophical arena and are often mistaken for the […]

Ten Simple Rules for Self-Employed Small Business Owners That Make It Easy to Obtain an IRS Tax Audit

All Americans fear the words tax audit. A letter from the IRS, especially one ordering a tax audit, will make even the calmest person nervous. But, for a small business owner who does all his own record keeping, it’s not just scary, it could spell disaster. If you receive an audit letter from the IRS, call your tax accountant and […]

Obtaining compensation for unpaid earnings

They can also help set high standards so that other employers aren’t tempted to take advantage of your employees in the future. Don’t be nervous about speaking up because you cannot be fired for filing such a claim. There is a strong possibility that many other people who work there also need to speak to the unpaid overtime attorney about […]

ERISA Pension Plan Litigation Update with Excessive Fees

The basic claim in fee-related litigation cases, most of which are filed as class action lawsuits, is that the plan sponsor is violating the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). by paying too much for administrative and record-keeping services. Some ERISA fees lawsuits also allege that the plan sponsor did not eliminate underperforming investments from the funds being […]