Inspirational Cancer Patient: The One-Legged Runner Who Ran 3,000 Miles

Terry Fox was an athlete with extraordinary motivation and spirit. At a very young age, one of her legs was amputated due to cancer. Despite this misfortune, in 1980, he crossed Canada on the Marathon of hope in an attempt to raise $ 1 million for cancer research. Imagine running with a prosthetic leg, over rough terrain and harsh weather […]

Nordic diet and its benefits

Nutrition experts are excited about the Nordic diet. As the name suggests, the Nordic diet consists of locally sourced foods that are traditionally eaten in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Typically, the Nordic diet includes whole grains such as rye, barley, and oats; berries and other fruits; vegetables, especially cabbage and root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots; fatty […]

Why Goop is welfare what Trump is to America: an aberration and a disgrace

What do you call having your own plasma injected into your face? Answer: A facial vampire. That is, if you are a gooperita. How about getting high, posing like a horse, jumping into frozen lakes, communicating with the dead, and crying on a yoga mat to become one with the mushroom spirit? On the Netflix show ‘The Goop Lab,’ it’s […]

Fight yeast infection naturally

Candidiasis or the overgrowth of the Candida fungus is a common problem for women. If you have this infection, you know the difficulty of experiencing itching and burning around your genitals. Worse, the infection keeps coming back, causing you more pain and discomfort. Seek medical help to alleviate your suffering and at the same time you have the option to […]

Managing Stress When Your Military Companion Is On Active Duty

Military deployment can produce a great deal of stress and anxiety, not only for the service men and women who are called up to active duty, but also for the people they leave behind. Whether your spouse or loved one is leaving for the first time or for the umpteenth time, the emotional distress caused by military deployment is inevitable […]

The secret of fashion and you: why buy new when old will do

What does the word trendy mean in relation to fashion? Well, simply answered, fashion means more up-to-date with the clothing / jewelry you wear, rather than the person who chooses to snub by adorning themselves in the latest fashionable clothing. Bottom line: if you dress head-to-toe in new designs from Paris, Italy, or London alongside newly designed pieces of jewelry, […]

Twin flames: the new paradigm of relationships

Everyone has a Twin Flame. Everyone has an image of their perfect partner in their psyche and can describe them in detail. It is our anima and animus. We project these qualities onto our peers when we fall in love and get married. Most of us unconsciously work with our Twin Flame, but during this generation, some of us come […]

Amma the Divine Mother – The Feminine Aspect of God

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God is usually thought of as masculine. The designation “Father” is often used. As women began to take an active role in religious and spiritual public life, the discussion about God as Mother emerged. It is natural for this to happen. Any interpretation of God is made from the beliefs of a human being; therefore, visions […]

Tattoo removal options, procedures, and side effects

A few years ago, getting that tattoo was all you wanted! Now getting rid of it is all you want! According to research, at least 24% of people in the 18-50 age group have a tattoo and about 17% of them want it removed. Well, if you are among those who wish to remove tattoos, you are not alone! Tattoos […]

Makar Sankranti in Bihar – Caring for the environment and paying tribute to animals

As I am from South India, I know the importance of Makar Sankranti and how it is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. My neighbors are from Bihar. I was narrating to Urmila (my neighbor) that I would be preparing Dahi Vadas, Cabbage Vadas, Lemon Rice, Coconut Chutney and Milk Pudding for the occasion. He added that he has to prepare GHUGHUTIS. […]