Something scary was lurking without me knowing: the Corona virus

We had heard of a virus that was parked in China. It seemed that the Chinese had controlled it, but I was not one hundred percent sure. My imaginative, sci-fi mind was always throwing out various possibilities. I think my logical side said that the arrival of the virus in Italy would have been unlikely, but I was not prepared […]

The Tin Man and I

Making my way down the yellow brick road The tin man crossed my path. For so much armor his touch was quite soft, I could see through his shield all the dreams I had lost. I told him about the last stay of my trip, he replied stiffly, “I’m not going that way.” As he let me oil his rusty […]

I don’t think my husband is telling me the whole story about his infidelity.

I recently heard from a wife whose husband had admitted to being unfaithful. But, he was not willing to give her many details about the same. Basically, all he was saying was that she had been unfaithful with a coworker, but that was “a one-time thing that would never happen again.” The husband insisted that he knew that what he […]

When the pain of a nightingale left me abandoned

She left me chaotic. I was hurt. My past life was not pleasant. It was the landlord who helped my mother raise me after she killed my father. He liked fortune-telling and lured my mother by promising that she would be the heir to her property. He handled poisonous snakes. He looked the snakes in the eye and demonstrated his […]

Why did he lead me and then disappear?

A man often sends us these signals that he is into us right from the start of dating. He calls, sets dates ahead of time, texts, and keeps in touch. You start to get excited and let your guard down. You feel good about this, after all, dating gurus say to watch a man’s actions and not his words, right? […]

How NOT to talk – The dangers of "It’s all about me" Spokesman

Imagine this: You just left a presentation that inspired and motivated you. The speaker made you laugh one minute and then see the connections the next. He got insights, advice, enjoyed relevant stories and examples, a great brochure and an inspiring message. And most importantly, the speaker seemed to speak directly to you and your needs. It was almost as […]

Should I withhold sex if he doesn’t commit to me?

Sometimes I talk to women who have begun to grudgingly accept that the commitment they so desperately want won’t come as soon as they hoped, if at all. Sometimes the man in question will delay discussing the engagement, or will change the subject, or agree to discuss it at a time in the future. But whatever strategy he’s using, he’s […]

Can my husband still love me after he cheated on me?

Some of the most common emails I receive are from wives who are very confused about what happens after an affair. Often a husband will insist that the affair and the other women meant nothing to him and that he still loves his wife very much and wants the marriage to work. But, this is very confusing for the wife […]

Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire Review: Is It Worth a Try?

If you are trying to make a living online, you may have been promised a hundred times over just push a button and the millions will come to you, right? We all go through that phase, until we realize that the only money the guy makes comes from people like us who fall for the hype. I’ve been through this, […]

Did you feel the need to tell me you were gay?

A few years ago, I developed a close friendship with someone, and although they had been with members of the opposite sex, they were now attracted to members of the same sex. This was something that became perfectly clear when they talked about this area of ​​his life, after we became a little friendly. I had thought this might be […]