Relationships: Why do some men want a mother figure?

Just because a man looks like a man, doesn’t mean he feels like a man on the inside. What happens externally will have very little to do with what happens internally. Even so, although his physical appearance will create the impression that he is a man, that does not mean that his behavior will create the same impression. His behavior […]

Linear active warm-ups

The benefits of active warm-ups far exceed any other form of static warm-up method in use today. Aside from being shown to be most effective in sports labs across the country, it makes sense if you stop to think about it for a second. Why do we insist on sitting down and stretching our hamstrings before going for a run […]

Why Men Cheat: 4 Reasons Why Men Affair And Cheat On Their Partners

According to a survey, 92 percent of unfaithful men said they cheat out of emotional disconnection. People would think that men cheat for sex, but what they don’t realize is that sex, being a means of conveying emotional to physical expression, is just as important to men as affection is to women. Men are also emotional beings. The problem is […]

Off-center and overhanging umbrellas: what about them?

One of the most popular (and cool) new umbrella products is what is known as an offset or cantilever umbrella. Instead of having a pole in the center, the cantilever umbrella is supported by a sturdy pole on one side and a swivel arm that connects to the “skin” of the umbrella. This means that you can use and enjoy […]

My backyard mechanic is getting rich!

I kid you not… my backyard mechanic (my little brother) is getting so rich just hearing a little bit of the news. You see that he is a jack of all trades, and very good at all of them. From buying run-down houses and renovating them, to remodeling them for a big profit… to fixing everyone’s broken down cars. I […]

Why Jokes Are Great While Jokes Are Kind Of Meh

Laughter, it has been said, is the best medicine. This is literally true. Study after study has shown that laughter not only relieves pain and suffering, but also aids the healing process by lowering blood pressure and releasing stress. Jokes are even better than pranks to make you laugh. A joke is only funny once, but humorous shenanigans can fill […]

If you think minor league baseball doesn’t teach important survival skills, think again.

Sometimes as parents we forget how simple and subtle life’s lessons can be. I was reminded of this yesterday afternoon when I heard the cheers of young people playing a Little League baseball game in the nearby city park. It’s amazing when the noise of children playing can carry sound half a block away and right up to your open […]

The Most Powerful Relationship Secret: Guaranteed Success

Without a doubt, the most valuable and practical thing I have learned about the psychology of relationships and how to make them work came about 12 months ago when I was introduced to Transactional Analysis. I am suggesting that if you study this and acquire the skill you cannot fail to improve your most emotional relationships. Now, imagine that you […]

Parenting Tips and Tricks: A Way to Get Your Child to Open Up

Admit it, you’ve lied to your parents before, one way or another. Now, you are looking for a way to break the chain, to let your son know that he is not here to scold but to understand. It is not easy to communicate effectively with a young child, teenager, or teenager. What can you do about it? Why is […]

Matching behavioral expectations with young children’s cognitive abilities

Virtually all parents are interested in teaching their young children to be likeable, well-behaved people. Many of us have seen children in a grocery store or restaurant who seem to be out of control. They don’t comply with parental behavior requests and generally seem to have mastered the art of the proverbial “little monster.” There is a certain fame attached […]