Creating your own YouTube channel

The procedure to create your own particular YouTube channel takes just a couple of minutes. Then you’ll need to modify the channel by modifying a modest set of options, transferring your photo or logo, and connecting your channel with your other long-range informal communication accounts online, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. To get started, you need to create your […]

What can I see with a 60mm telescope?

60mm telescopes are usually the most popular telescopes in purchase right now. It is also the most popular size telescope sold in many department stores. Many people use their telescopes for terrestrial observation, that is, only to observe terrestrial objects. If you own a 60mm telescope, don’t make the mistake and believe that your telescope is not good for astronomy. […]

How Pokémon GO Can Be Better In 2017: 5 Tips From Ingress

Pokemon GO took off with insane momentum with its launch in July 2016. Crowds of people young and old staring at their phones more than usual and walking around in an apparent trance sliding their screens. But by the fall of 2016, many of the players had become bored or discouraged. Some reports suggested that 33% or more of the […]

From death and digital assets: Where do you hide your treasures?

Most of us, when asked to identify our “assets”, will easily remember those items of real or personal property that can be seen or touched; that is, our house, vehicles, jewelry, etc. With a little more thought, we will likely remember our bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stock portfolios, retirement plans, and 401 (k) accounts as part of our assets. […]

Video game rental free trial reviews

Try video game rental sites with a free trial It’s not hard to forget the little things like returning rented movies and games when your day is busy. It happens to all of us at one point or another. That’s why signing up for a trial offer for unlimited game rentals is a great idea. You may be thinking that […]

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is all the rage and people are going absolutely crazy about it. In fact, the game has managed to break all records and top the download charts. Wondering what the game is about? The game involves players taking to the streets to catch various Pokémon characters. To do that, the game uses your phone’s GPS and built-in clock […]

How To Go To Pokémon Go: The New App That Is Sweeping The Nation

Pokemon Go is the new application that is sweeping the entire country. It’s a gaming app that sticks to the original Pokémon concept of catching them all and defeating the gym leaders. But this app literally makes people jump out of their seats with excitement. Pokemon Go uses Google Maps to place Pokemon around the world. Players use a tracking […]

How to close more sales using a conditional closing technique

All salespeople want to know how to close more sales and make more money or grow their business. Here’s a sales closing technique that will do just that because it influences the customer to buy now. Conditional closure is when you give the customer a special benefit or treatment that they really want. As part of this offer, he adds […]

Android Smartphone Basics Everyone Should Know

SIM and SD cards These are often confused with each other and since they have very different functions it is important to know the difference. Your phone company (Verizon, Tracfone, AT&T) provides you with a SIM card, usually free of charge, and contains information such as your phone number and contacts. It is usually quite small and white in color. […]

First base is the most difficult to reach in the American League All Star Ballot

Who are these guys? Never before in my 40 years of voting for the starters in the All-Star Game had I been asked that question, especially for first baseman in the American League. We have always had a wide range of candidates to select from, stars like Boog Powell or Norm Cash and Eddie Murray or Mark McGuire. Even as […]