The growing shamelessness of the narcissist

Shame is a primal painful feeling and bodily sensation of not being good enough, of falling short, of experiencing humiliation. Most of us carry some shame with us. Shame is a basic emotion that begins early in life. Some children are continually shamed by their parents. The child who is frequently shamed and humiliated feels helpless and useless inside. He […]

Buy a stock photo or download it for free

With the advent of social media came an influx of shared images. An image on one social networking site is downloaded to the local computer and republished on another social networking site. This practice creates a serious problem for the owner of the original image and the third or fourth generation “right clicker”. I’m a photographer and book format designer […]

Evaluation of a real estate investment agreement

We speak to many investors looking to purchase real estate investment properties. Some are seasoned professionals and some are new to real estate. The number one priority of any real estate business is finding good deals. Yes, it is important to build your list of buyers so you can sell the properties you buy quickly. But you won’t stay in […]

5 Ways to Leverage App Development for Your Business

According to global research conducted by Accenture Mobility in 2015, a majority of senior executives across all key industries viewed apps as critical to their business, especially in light of the digital ecosphere that many corporations are building around the experience. and customer engagement. Of course, today, app technology is commonly integrated throughout the customer experience, from major product innovators […]

NCAA Football 10 – Review

Although most things have remained the same regarding NCAA Football 10, there is still no doubt that you will enjoy the most realistic football simulation. In fact, you’ve probably never come across anything as realistic as this, thanks to the incredible power of next-gen consoles. There’s no denying that NCAA Football 10 just gets better every year. While this year’s […]

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a villa

When you take your whole family on vacation and want to enjoy a little extra space, you may want to consider renting a vacation villa instead of the usual type of accommodation. By selecting this option, you’ll get an indulgent glimpse of what it would be like to have your own little house in the middle of paradise, perhaps in […]

It’s all about discipline!

One of my favorite musical instruments is the bagpipe. Many years ago, on a beautiful, bright sunny day, my family and I listened to a magnificent version of Amazing Grace played by a piper on the shore as our family sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We continued to listen to Amazing Grace as it drifted more than 3 miles offshore. […]

Arbitration Versus Litigation in Financial Fraud Cases

If you have suffered securities fraud losses, there are several factors that help determine which legal procedure will best suit your claim: The amount of money you lost The amount of money you have to spend on legal proceedings. If you were the only victim of fraud, or if other investors were also harmed by the same broker or investment […]

A guide to expanding your kitchen storage space

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, two complaints always top homeowners’ lists: not having enough storage space or not being able to use it effectively. But while these issues may have been a major source of frustration in the past, today’s your lucky day: We’re here to give you six tips for expanding your storage with everything from low-budget […]

The Magi Cards: Learning the basic concepts related to Tarot and Astrology

The old one Magic cards they are similar to Tarot and other Divination card decks, as well as the normal playing cards we are so familiar with. This system is also known as Mystic Cards and the Quadrate system. It is also similar to Astrology in that there are elements and planetary energies that affect the natal and progressed Magi […]