The volcanic anger of the narcissist

We’ve all had experiences where a person we thought we knew suddenly turned on us in anger. Frightened by the attack, we ask ourselves: “What have I done to make this person so angry?” Anger and rage are different. Anger is focused on specific issues. Anger has an end, and often a justifiable reason. Anger has a different quality and […]

Where to find the best home equity loans – How to choose the best home equity loan

Home equity loans are an ideal source of funds even in emergency situations. Such a loan can free up the equity in your home and you can get quick money for whatever you need to spend it on. This could include paying off your credit card debt, thus eliminating the accrued interest that the card company charges each month. The […]

Are chin implants at risk if one participates in sports?

A chin implant is the standard treatment for a weak or short chin. It is tremendously effective, very simple to perform, and a wide variety of implant sizes and shapes are available for use. While chin augmentation is performed on both men and women, it is most commonly performed on patients under the age of 40. This younger age group […]

The History of the Association of Films in the Cinema With Popcorn and Vice Versa

The summer blockbuster movies are coming to an end as we head into fall. Throughout your many visits to the movies, have you ever wondered why popcorn is the main feature in theaters no matter where you go? Or maybe you’ve wondered why the idea of ​​going to the movies to see a movie sometimes results in the idea of […]

Introduction to business loans

Business loans refer to the transfer of funds from a lender, usually a financial institution, to a borrower. In this case, the borrowers are companies and the financial institutions are banks. The bankers decide the interest to be paid and the repayment schedule, and the borrower agrees to those terms. Lenders can offer secured or unsecured loans. Secured loans require […]

The history of incomparable motorcycles

For a time, Matchless was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles, and since the turn of the century, the Collier brothers have been involved in two-wheelers. Both Harry and Charlie Collier believed in competition, and by World War I the brand was well established. The company’s premises were in Plumstead, south-east London, and were quite a ways from the center of […]

Use your home to see the countryside – drive an RV

Recreational vehicles or motor homes are very much in fashion today. They are not just functional, they can be very luxurious if you decide that you want it that way. So they can be outfitted with tile floors, granite countertops, washers and dryers, and maybe even plasma TVs! Let’s look at the types of RVs that are available today. The […]

Building Better Brands

Creating Love-Love Relationships with Start-Ups to Corporations Are you effectively communicating your product or service offering? Are you appealing to the right demographic? Are you missing opportunities to catapult your brand? If you answered Yes, or Maybe, to any of these questions, then it’s time to commit to improving your company’s branding and marketing. Because? Because your competitors are dedicated […]

Mr Bingley and Jane Bennet – A forgotten love story?

When one thinks of Pride and Prejudice, especially in terms of a love story, everyone immediately thinks of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. While I’m not taking anything away from the great love story that it is, there is another love story, Pride and Prejudice, that is often forgotten and overlooked, and that is the story of Mr. Bingley and Jane […]

Freeze, eliminate and lose more than fat cells

Having been obese for one phase of my life, I know the emotional pain of feeling big and unacceptable. Our culture has indoctrinated most of us, particularly women, into believing that thinness and media-defined beauty will bring happiness, bliss, and self-respect. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no limit to what we will do to achieve the beauty we think […]