Sales: keep in mind the 90-day rule

In sales and marketing, as in life, there are certain rules that hold true in most situations. There is the 80/20 rule. He says that 80% of the results usually come from 20% of the activity you do. Or 80% of sales come from 20% of customers. There is the assumption rule. It tells you that making assumptions will trip […]

Gout Causes – What Foods Should You Avoid?

When it comes to treating gout, certain foods that are known to cause gout should be avoided. First, learn about the main factors that cause gout: purines, proteins, and acids. Second, determine which sources contain these compounds so you know which foods to avoid causing gout. purines: Purines can occur naturally in the body or are acquired from dietary sources. […]

The 8 most important considerations in plyometric training

The word plyometric comes from the Greek word “pleythyein”, which means to increase or increase. It is based on two Latin root words, plio, which means more, and metric, which means to measure. The term was first used in 1975 by American track and field coach Fred Wilt. Plyometrics is best described as “explosive-reactive” power training that involves muscle contraction […]

A Weight Loss Diet Review: The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet

Description – The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet is one of the easy ways to lose weight. It is a low-carb, high-protein diet, which is based on eating low-GI carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats. The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet claims that you can eat all the protein you want and still lose weight. All you need to do is choose […]

Weight loss during pregnancy: methods and misconceptions

Losing weight during pregnancy, or at least paying attention to managing your weight, is important because this is a time when many pregnant women are going through some major changes that can cause them to gain weight quickly. Losing weight during pregnancy through any form of reduced-calorie diet is usually not a good idea. If you are significantly overweight (generally […]

Muscle fiber types and MMA, BJJ training

There are three main types of muscle fibers. Each type has different abilities. For mixed martial arts, MMA is more predominantly used for certain short muscle fibers. By using proper training, a person will condition the muscle fibers that are best suited for BJJ and MMA fighting. MMA is a sport that relies on explosive power to punch, kick, and […]

Home exercises to lose weight quickly – 5 tips

Exercise is an important part of any weight loss regimen. But with busy schedules, we all want to know which exercises will help us lose the most weight fast. Generally speaking, there are two types of exercise: aerobic and strength (or anaerobic), and each contributes differently to weight loss. Aerobic exercise burns calories from fat while you perform the exercise […]

3 pillars of weight loss

If you are not satisfied with your weight loss or if you are not getting satisfactory results from what you are doing to reduce your weight, you must understand the three basic pillars associated with the concept of weight gain and loss. Many people only focus on one or two areas and don’t really understand or incorporate the other into […]

How long do I have to commit to Nutrisystem?

Sometimes I hear from people who are trying to gauge how long they could be on the Nutrisystem diet. But they don’t know if there are guidelines for how long you should spend on this diet. I’ve heard someone say, “I’m looking to lose about 45 pounds. I’m reasonably active, but not too active. How many months do I need […]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder: OCD and excessive walking or running

I know how this is because I used to do it. When you feel that you have to walk or that something bad is going to happen to you or in relation to your OCD, then you have an OCD of the type of excessive walking or running. Sometimes there are people who deal with their OCD by walking or […]