Developing your aura – How to empower your interior

Yes, you too can strengthen your aura to be stronger, more resilient, and all-knowing, as long as you work to truly and well know your inner self. It is a fact that human intuition exists and those privileged few who seem to have more than this are not by birth, but have studied their needs and desires and what moves […]

Casino Comps – Not Just For High Rollers – Everyone Can Play The Game, That’s How It’s Done

Players who often visit casinos are aware that many customers receive compensation during their stay. Regular customers receive rooms, meals, show tickets, free games, etc. free or discounted. Many average players who play penny, nickel or quarter slot machines, bet $5 or $10 a hand on table games, think that the gifts they are only for him High rollers. Could […]

10 Great Conversation Starters That Work Every Time

Good conversation starters put people at ease right away. This is how all good conversations start: when people feel comfortable and relaxed. Starting a conversation like this is a skill, and you can learn it. Starting a conversation is often the hardest part of all. Once you’re done with the first few sentences, the conversation usually flows. But how can […]

Carnival Elation Cruise Review

The Elation is a ship built in 1998 for Carnival Cruise Lines. She was the first ship to have the azipod propulsion system. Everything you read about Elation will include a little review about the azipod system. You might be wondering what the heck that is, so I’ll tell you. It’s a lot like having wheel drive sources in her […]

Network Marketing, Sex, Advertising

The Mystery of Sexual Transmutation combined with Network Marketing and Business. Napoleon Hills’, Chapter 11, this is an area I understand without a doubt. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, maybe because I’m aware and understand my own innate intuition. My husband often doesn’t understand why I notice the ‘vibes’ people are giving off. Take for example his boss. The […]

Basic SEO keyword placement to make money online

If you have been following my work on Online Marketing with SEO, and have had your share of nights trying to understand SEO, then you know that Online Marketing and SEO are not as easy as is sometimes suggested. But you’ll also know if you started without Keyword Placement, that you’ve wasted valuable months and even years. Not to mention […]

Teckno Comixs – What Went Wrong

The Tekno Comix company was founded by Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein as a division of their publicly traded company, Big Entertainment. The Tekno Comix brand was discontinued in 1997. Although books featuring the same characters were still published under the Big Entertainment brand for the remainder of that year in 1997. Tekno Comix tried to get as much exposure […]

How to achieve a well-balanced interior design

Designing the interior of your home is not an easy task, and if you want to achieve a well-balanced design, it is even more difficult. Putting together some random furniture and accessories is not a good design. While you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional interior designer to rethink your space, it’s important to keep the basic ideas of […]

Advanced tools and tips to speed up your website

We have compiled a list of 25 resources and tools to make your website super fast. Why so many? So we can be sure you’ll find at least one you’ve never heard of before. Page Speed ​​Insights google analytics PingDom website test slow Alternate Host Review Clean up old clutter – get rid of anything you don’t need. Old images, […]

Expand your knowledge using college scholarships and grants

An adage says that knowledge is perennial. There is no end to it. The more we learn, there is much more to learn and this process continues. It is true in all branches of knowledge. At the same time, higher education is quite expensive. Many may not be able to afford the cost of higher education. Many times, the student […]