Are you up to the task? Demonstrate that legal departments are more than a cost center

The General Counsel (CG) in most industries remains under pressure to operate efficiently, reduce costs, and maximize existing resources. To properly measure how successful an attorney is operating today under these mandates, it is vital that internal legal teams have a system of metrics and measures in place. By measuring efficiency, CGs can demonstrate their value to the organization and […]

Hiring an employment law attorney: 8 topics to raise (or not) at your first meeting

Most people will spend a third of their life sleeping. Likewise, as incredible as it may sound, another third will be spent on work. Unpleasant, but true: For most of us, a third of our adult lives will be spent promoting our employer’s goals, which may or may not align with our own personal goals. In particular, if you are […]

Olympic lifting increases throwing speed

To understand the effects of Olympic lifting on pitchers, you must first understand how velocity is measured. I will use Newton’s second law of motion, along with the catapult theory, to explain pitching velocity. Second law of Newton: It states that the acceleration (speed) of a moving object depends on two variables: the net force acting on the object and […]

How to hire law firms with ease

Legal matters are something that strikes fear of God in the hearts of most people, due to the complications involved, not to mention the astronomical legal costs that can be incurred. However, legal matters can happen anytime, anywhere and while people know to be prepared for anything, it doesn’t erase the fact that it can be quite an overwhelming prospect […]

Reapply for Grad School – If You’re Not Successful at First, Try, Try Again

If you’re not successful at first, should you apply to graduate school again next year? This is a very nervous time of year. Across the United States – and indeed, around the world – eager eyes scan their email accounts every few seconds, waiting to see if the school of their dreams has sent them a golden ticket to spend […]

Do court reporter jobs disappear?

Court officials say that replacing court reporters with digital recordings could mean an increase in cost for taxpayers and could also mean less accurate court transcripts. The resident superior judge of the superior court stated that he was not opposed to the replacement of live court reporters with digital recorders. However, he felt there was a little way to go […]

7 Worrying and Persistent Perceptions, Held by Some!

What would it take to get some, whose beliefs and perceptions are so strong, seem inflexible and unwilling to fully consider the real facts (apparently regardless of the evidence), to open – their – minds and realize it? I acknowledge that the elected public official, that they support, was less – than, totally – honest, with them? How often do […]

The home drug test that can detect a college student’s drug of choice

Ritalin and Adderall are two medications that have been widely used in the treatment of disorders such as attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD. These medications are an integral part of a treatment program that includes psychological, educational, and social measures. College students can temporarily increase concentration levels by taking these central nervous system stimulating analeptics during exams or […]

Canadian immigration statistics increasingly favor tech professionals

We recently learned about Canada’s biggest and best immigration plans for 2018. From a strong desire to allow one million newcomers by 2020 to the promise of massive immigration funding, Canada crafted its exciting initiatives. He also spoke about the growing opportunities he has in store for various professions. But, with so many professions from various nations in the Canadian […]

Andrew Carnegie: Insider Trading Pioneer / The Wolf of Wall Street

First, I must say that this is one of the best business biographies I have ever read, if any historical figure fully captures the duality of man it must be Andrew Carnegie. What makes it so interesting is that much of what he did seems so counterintuitive. In his David Nasaw book, “ANDREW CARNEGIE”, this Jekyll and Hyde nature of […]