Estate agents and real estate in Dubai

Buying real estate abroad is a different copy cup than buying real estate in our own country. With Dubai’s thriving real estate market, finding real estate agents who specialize in Dubai real estate is the best option for investors wanting to experience the city of wonders. Dubai’s climate and culture are unlike any other country in the world. The sweltering […]

Monica Patni, Freelance Website Designer, Freelance Website Developer, Internet Marketing

PRESENTED THE MOST CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL IDEAS Hi, I am a freelance web and UI designer in Jaipur, India. I have more than 6 years of experience as a web designer, web developer and graphic designer. Good design is obvious, great design is transparent. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to create clean, responsive and easy to use […]

The pull factor of faith

Are you making yourself attractive to God? Would you like to make yourself irresistible to God? All you have to do to achieve this is become a believer – A Person of Faith. And just as God will be drawn to be by your side, your faith in him will draw you to the ways of our common Lord. I […]

Time management and the crocodile principle

Do you remember the movie Cool Hand Luke? It stars Paul Newman as an anti-hero who has been jailed for committing some serious crime; and he is sentenced to a sentence of hard labor. The hard work, which consists of building a road as far as I remember, is occasionally interrupted by crocodiles. Well… I guess it would actually be […]

Celebrate the festive season this year with Christmas magnets

Christmas magnets are one of the newest additions to the wide range of Christmas decorations. This beautiful ornament comes out once a year along with many other traditional Christmas decorations. They convey that special feeling and message about the joyful event that is coming up soon. Christmas is now a universal celebration and enjoyed by most people, regardless of religion. […]

Basic design principles to help create stunning graphics

Graphic design is a highly demanded skill. The appearance of things is important to society, so it is important to create a high-quality design for advertisements, banners, logos, websites, and web content. You don’t have to be a professional to produce shareable content, as it’s easy to add design elements to existing photos with just a few taps on a […]

5 interesting facts about how to become a teacher’s assistant

There are some interesting facts about becoming a teacher’s aide that you should know. Let’s find out some interesting things about the teacher’s assistant so we can gain a better understanding of her role in facilitating education at school. Fact #1: Part-time workers Nearly half of all teacher aides in the US work part-time. Most do it out of interest […]

What to Eat for a Fatty Liver: Eat This, Don’t Eat That, What Every FLD Patient Needs to Know

If you are wondering what to eat to get rid of fatty liver, please take a few minutes to read to the end of this article. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about fatty liver disease (FLD) and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat to reduce the fat in your liver. A fatty liver simply refers to having […]