Tax-free international reorganizations

In the world of international business, corporations operating in different countries sometimes seek reorganizations. They can do this to streamline operations and maintain a competitive advantage. They can also do it to change their corporate ‘personality’ with a new administrative and operational structure. When a multinational corporation reorganizes, it takes into consideration the tax implications. What is a tax-free international […]

Tiffany’s Room Ghost – Lightner Museum – St. Augustine Florida

I froze in my tracks, frozen by the hostile presence I could feel behind me. A blanket of silence fell over the room. The dancing, dappled colors of the stained-glass windows stopped in their movement on the walls. People entering the room remained motionless. I turned slowly to see what had scared me so much. I did not see anything. […]

The Advantage of Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Having an experienced and knowledgeable Canadian immigration attorney, whether the client is within or outside of Canada, is essential when dealing with Canadian authorities. Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in Canadian immigration law, rules, policies, and procedures for processing various applications for immigrant visa, work permits, and study permits is absolutely necessary for an effective Canadian immigration attorney to […]

How to sexually tease your girlfriend discreetly in public

Touch your leg under the table, especially the inner thigh. But don’t move your hand towards your genitals. Just gently rub the inner thigh for a few minutes and remove your hand. This will drive her crazy. Whispering dirty thoughts to her: “I was looking at you when you were there, you look so sexy” or “I can’t wait to […]

DUI & Law School: Can You Become A Lawyer If You Have A DUI?

Law School admissions officers are often asked “can you become a lawyer if you have a DUI?” The fact is, there is a small barrier to law school with a DUI. The reason the question arises regarding law school and not other graduate programs is that law students will presumably apply for admission to the bar of at least one […]